Little hands will love helping to make these super cute mini Santas but be warned, you may find them being gobbled up as fast as you can make them!  

Strawberry Santas


12 strawberries

50 g (½ cup) banana

equates to one half medium banana

250 g (1 cup) cream cheese

equates to one tub

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

dash nutmeg, freshly ground

1 medjool date




Slice off the leafy end of the strawberries, leaving a flat base so the Santas will be able to sit up straight. Then slice off the top half to give you a bottom and
a hat.


Slice the banana into fairly thick rounds then quarter each round. Place one of these pieces on each of the ‘Santa bottoms’. This will allow you to build up the height of the Santas.


Place all remaining ingredients (except the date) into a bowl and stir to combine until the mixture is smooth and ready to place in the piping cone. Pipe out a small amount of mixture around and over the banana on each Santa bottom.


Place the ‘hat’ on top of the mixture then pipe out a small amount for the pom-pom on top of Santa’s hat.

Cut tiny pieces of date for eyes and stick onto the cream cheese mixture.

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