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Amy has set up a beautiful little practice using the tools of Chinese Medicine to attain fabulous health. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in TCM and a Bachelor in Human Biology.


She is currently on leave raising babies on the Mornington Peninsula. Follow her on instagram @amy_fabuloushealth


by Amy O'Brien

We can strenghten our bodies simply by living in line with our external environment.


Our bodies do this intuitively in the way we crave different foods and feel strengthened by different activities through the seasons. Living in balance with the seasons keeps our immune system strong and allows for better overall health in the season that follows - which is particularly important in spring because we all want to feel amazing when summer rolls around.


Early rays of sunshine, crisp morning air, tender young plants and longer days: these are the qualities that filter through our experiences of spring and charge us up for growth and renewal. Drawing on the deep energy that has been created and stored through winter, then leaving behind the stillness of the colder months and transitioning into beautiful activity and movement.


For Spring-time Flow



The crisp fresh air of spring serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of breathing. Breathing slowly and deeply, and expanding the ribcage and abdomen, allows us to provide the trillions of cells in our body with adequate oxygen. Consider incorporating ten minutes of meditation and breath work into your morning routine.



Rays of sunshine wake us earlier and beckon us outside for a brisk walk in the morning. Exercise and movement are an essential part of spring, and also provide an opportunity to practice deep breathing and contemplation.



Spring is the time to awaken our inner hibernating bear, and allow it to stretch its legs. Consider stretching and yoga to keep everything flowing smoothly.


Eat simply and in season

The energy of spring is light and bouncy, so your body will naturally cease craving the heavier foods it did in winter, in favour of lighter meals. Enjoy vegetables lightly steamed for optimal springtime digestion.


In Chinese Medicine the liver corresponds to the colour green so incorporate green foods like spirulina, kale, parsley and green leafy vegetables in spring.


It’s best to find our energy from the environment, sunshine, nutrient dense foods, water and rest during spring, rather than relying on stimulants like coffee and sugar.


As with all seasons, local and seasonal produce allow us to get the most out of our food.


Incorporate the flavours of spring time

Pungent foods build immunity and benefit springtime allergies. This includes green onions, garlic, ginger, rosemary, bay leaves, mustard greens, turmeric, basil, cardamom, marjoram, cumin, and fennel.



Plenty of warm or room temperature water, plus or minus a squeeze of lemon. Avoid water from the fridge, particularly if your digestion is weak. An even spread of warming and cooling teas create perfect balance. Chrysanthemum and peppermint tea are ideal as spring warms up. Since we’re supporting our liver during this season, be conscious of alcohol consumption.


Spring clean your emotions

The liver is adversely affected by stress and anger. Try using the spring tools of breathing, moving, stretching and meditation before expressing anger to help find solutions with a calm and even temperament.


Focus on what you can see and feel gratitude

In Chinese Medicine the liver controls the eyes, so vision is a big part of spring. What we see in our visual field appears clearer in springtime, which allows greater appreciation for those beautiful sunlight rays and new buds of plant life. Spring naturally becomes a time for gratitude and appreciation of new and beautiful beginnings.


Clarify your direction

It’s no coincidence that we often daydream in spring. Springtime vision, clarity and perspective allow us to see what’s working smoothly in our lives and what’s ripe for changing. Creating big and beautiful change comes easier in springtime on account of its dynamic and moving nature. Use spring as an opportunity to clarify and articulate your direction. To create your own new beginnings.


Get clear on what your ‘health projects’ are

Creating those new beginnings relies on a good solid foundation of health.


Find like minded and skilled health professional who can work with you to address any health issues that hold you back.


Step towards restful and unbroken sleep, heal your digestion, build your energy, smooth out any cycle issues, feel centered and calm. Any physical or emotional issue that is negatively affecting your experience of life is ripe for changing too.


Spring relates to the Liver and Gallbadder in
Chinese Medicine.

They keep every process in the body running smoothly. These are also the organs that bare the brunt of our stressful lifestyles and alcohol consumption, so spring provides a great opportunity to show them a little love.


Just as we dislike traffic congestion, red lights and stop signs when we have important things to do, these are the organs that get irritated when its pathways of action become congested and blocked. The liver and gall bladder prefers to be free-spreading and unobstructed, so it’s important for us to focus on the great opportunity that spring offers to keep everything running smoothly.

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