With a spoon in one hand, a camera at the ready in the other, and a tiny person sitting slightly skew-whiff in a highchair looking back at you with intrigue: the moment when your little one gets her first taste of real, albeit rather mushy and not particularly appealing-looking, food is an exciting (and slightly daunting) part of parenthood. Whatever your pre-child relationship with food may have been, the arrival of these tiny little bundles of joy sets many parents on a new journey that continues well beyond the highchair stage.


We all want thriving, happy and healthy children and food plays a huge part in that. Nothing makes us happier than seeing little hands tucking in eagerly, smiling faces around the dinner table and, of course, empty plates. The little people that join us on our journey, however, are born with minds of their own, tastebuds that take time to evolve, and personalities to boot – one of the reasons why we love them so dearly! So occasionally (well, actually, quite regularly), we have to think a bit more creatively about how and what we will be serving for dinner in order to achieve ‘empty plate’ status at the same time as providing the nutrition their growing bodies need.


Hi, we are Jen and Judy, two mothers who love to cook for our families and everyone that surrounds us. Away from the kitchen, Jen is a teacher and Judy a designer. We have a passion for everything that grows from the ground: fresh fruit and vegetables, and colourful, locally grown foods. Our main aim is to simplify -  it's all about everyday dishes that are stripped back, free from artificial ingredients, and turned into delicious healthy alternatives. Family favourites with a twist.


We believe food magically connects people and we created this book to share our passion with anyone who loves to cook and eat simple, healthy whole foods that nourish body and spirit. Take these recipes as a foundation to create your own. Have fun, make a mess, experiment with different ingredients and let the kids give you a hand.


Making this book has been heaps of fun and our little folk have been by our sides the whole time as our most enthusiastic and most valued recipe testers. No matter what stage of the food journey you find yourself on (be it starting the weaning adventures with a small baby or trying to encourage healthier eating habits in an older, more stubborn eater), we hope you will find a few dishes here that you will eat together with delight.




Jen & Judy